The Skillful Sleuth..Obama is Droning Us Wrong

Shut up, Joe!!!

It seems the White House didn’t waste anytime after Eric Holder announced that Obama could kill an American on American soil without charges or even proof.  That great patriot, my friend and yours, the Skillful Sleuth was there.


Obama:  Eric, I’m glad you declared murder legal for me.  Have you tested it out yet?

Holder:  I can’t do that.  There are no current threats and no one we can frame for one.

Obama:  Surely there is someone I can waste.

General Mills:  I refuse.  No matter who we kill, there will be at least one person who will notice and start squawking.

Obama:  How about Joe Piscapo?

General Mills:  We can launch right after lunch. 

Obama:  Why wait?  Why not now?

General Mills:  Well, there are only four people who can operate the drone for such a surgical strike, but one just gave birth and she is on a two hour breast feeding break.  One is attending the Annual LBGT banquet and the other two are union employees, who cannot work right now unless they get time and a half and sequester has prevented us from giving them overtime.

Biden:  Don’t you know that whole sequester thing is a hoax?

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

General Mills:  You mean I really didn’t have to give up my 16 year old assistant?

Obama:  Don’t blame me for that.  The guy who did my birth certificate was too busy to make her one proving she is 18.

General Mills:  So where is she now?

Biden:  I believe she is now working for Sen Menendez.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

Biden:  It’s a shame.  I hear that girl could really take dictation.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!

Obama:  General, did you make sure the drone has a high definition camera attached to it?

Biden:  Yeah, when we watched the four embassy get killed, the picture quality was bad and we didn’t get to enjoy the experience, like we should have.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!!