The Latest Random Thoughts in a Precise World


In the old days we would threaten to shoot someone.  Today, they threaten to “cap your ass”.  While I’m sure that would prove fatal, it could take weeks and would be very painful.  Of course, not to liberals whose crap pours out of their mouths.

Liberals have said for years that children don’t need fathers.  Now Eric Holder is arguing children don’t need mothers.  Someone should explain the birds and bees to him.

Maxine Waters claims sequester could cost 170 million jobs, 35 million more than we have.  I’m guessing the same staffer that did that math is responsible for “jobs saved” in the Obama pork laden stimulus bill.

CNN’s money man claims the economy is booming.  I suppose if you get envelopes full of taxpayer money from the WH for propaganda, things would look rosy to you.

Obama claimed that the sequester would make our GDP drop.  But how far could it drop from the .1% Obama has created.

Could Obama’s second term be categorized as a “job saved”?

Personally, I don’t think the Obama program of sending billions of dollars and sophisticated jet fighters to our enemies will work.

The White House insists nobody threatened Bob Woodward and if he doesn’t stop saying they did, they are prepared to kick his ass.

I have finally found the common thread in all of Obama’s appointees.  It’s amnesia.  The latest example was of Jack Lew, who is the new Secretary of the Treasury, who forgot what the interest rate on the 1.4 million dollar loan he got from NYU (New York University) He also forgot to pay it back and NYU forgave the debt. 

The Obama Death Panel has decided Viagra will not be offered because of the high cost.  They will replace it with gingko bilboa, so men can at least remember what sex was like.

Obama believes that everyone should share the suffering in the poor economy and he even said so on that golf outing during his last vacation with Tiger Woods.

Did you see the new designer underwear Vera Wang designed as part of the Michelle Obama Collection?


Joe Biden offered this advice to people wanting a gun to protect themselves from home invaders, “Just shoot a shotgun into the air.”  In Delaware, where Biden lives, if you take his advice you could face four different criminal offenses and up to 12 years in prison.  Go for it Joe. 

Obama said last week that America has gotten stronger since he became president and he’s absolutely right.  If we hadn’t gotten stronger, we never would have survived the last four years of disastrous policies from him and the liberals.

Have you noticed that Obama always looks like he’s lost in thought?  That’s because he is in unfamiliar territory.