Red Statements Endorses Lee Bright for US Senate from SC

South-Carolina-state-Sen_-Lee-Bright-R-Facebook1Red Statements recognizes the continuance of Lindsay Graham as senator from South Carolina is intolerable.  We here in the Palmetto State need a representative who reflects our conservative values and who does not “go along to get along’ or wants the job to improve their personal desires.  South Carolina needs Lee Bright.  Lee Bright is not a follower, he is a leader.

Glenn Beck’s, The Blaze asks if Lee Bright is the next Ted Cruz.  The answer is a resounding yes.  Bright has a 100% score from the  South Carolina Club For Growth and a 92% conservative rating from the conservative union.  He has been consistent in his conservative beliefs and does not shy away from battle, even within his own party.  He has a list of honors and legislation that pays homage to his hard work and his dedication for the people of South Carolina:

* 100% lifetime rating from Club for Growth

* Granted “Taxpayer hero” award from Spartanburg Taxpayer Association

* Awarded by the Palmetto Family Alliance for a 100% legislative score

* Received an “A” rating on Governor Haley’s legislative scorecard

* Previously endorsed by Governor Haley

* Previously endorsed by Governor Mark Sanford

* Previously endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul

* Previously endorsed by the Greenville Tea Party

* Filibustered against state budget increases

* “A” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA)

* 100% rating from Life PAC for advocating pro-life legislation

* “A” rating from Palmetto Liberty PAC

* 100% rating from the South Carolina Business and Industry Political Education Committee (SC BIPEC)

* 100% rating from the South Carolina National Federation of Independent Businesses

State Senate Record

* Session 120 – 2013, 2014

o Sole sponsor of bill to protect SC from the enforcement of foreign laws (S.0060)

o Primary sponsor of Personhood Act of South Carolina, which establishes protection for unborn children, beginning at conception (S.0083)

o Primary sponsor of Firearms Freedom Act that protects our Second Amendment rights (S.0085)

o Primary sponsor of Life Beginning at Conception Act that protects unborn children from abortion (S.0087)

o Co-sponsor of NDAA Act, which protects South Carolina citizens from unlawful detention (S.0092)

o Primary sponsor of Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, which protects South Carolina from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, i.e. “Obamacare” (S.102)

o Sole sponsor of Religious Freedom Act, which prohibits restrictions on freedoms of religious expression (S.103).

o Sole sponsor of legislation that protects cellular or other portable electronic communications devices from searches without a search warrant (S.107)

o Primary sponsor of Constitutional Carry Act, which allows the free exercise of Second Amendment rights and personal protection through “open carry” (S.115).

o Primary sponsor of legislation that requires drug testing for anyone seeking public assistance (S.140)

o Co-sponsor of Fair Tax Act, which amends the tax code to provide an even tax structure across the board (S.185).

o Sole sponsor of Term Limits legislation that provides parameters on how long a legislator can serve in the State House of Representatives (S.201).

o Primary sponsor of pro-life legislation that seeks to limit the number of abortion procedures in a manner similar to the recent Texas pro-life legislation (S.204).

o Co-sponsor of Firearms Liberty Act, which provides that any firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition manufactured and retained in South Carolina is exempt from federal regulation (S.285).

o Co-sponsor of firearms legislation that allows South Carolina citizens to freely express their Second Amendment rights in businesses that serve alcohol (S.308).

o Primary sponsor of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which nullifies unconstitutional actions taken by the federal government that encroach on Second Amendment liberties (S.316).

o Co-sponsor of legislation that prohibits law enforcement from using unmanned aerial vehicles for purposes of surveillance without first obtaining a search warrant (S.395).

o Primary sponsor of a bill that allows Second Amendment rights to be exercised in private or public colleges (S.454).

o Primary sponsor of legislation that enhances the issuance process of concealed weapons permits (S.455).

o Primary sponsor of Personhood Act of South Carolina, which establishes that the right to life for each born and preborn human being begins at fertilization (S.457).

o Co-sponsor of the Student Association Freedom of Religion Act, which states that no public institution of higher learning may prohibit the free exercise of religion by its students (S.472).

o Primary sponsor of concealed weapon legislation that allows reciprocity with the concealed weapon permits of other states (S.488).

o Co-sponsor of the Pregnant Women’s Protection Act, which allows a woman to use deadly force to protect the life of her unborn child if threatened (S.527).

o Primary sponsor of pro-life legislation that prohibits employer contributions to the state health insurance plan from being used for abortions (S.618).

o Primary sponsor of Human Heartbeat Protection Act, which states that any health professional must conduct a fetal heartbeat ultrasound test

prior to performing an abortion, and prohibit an abortion when a heartbeat is detected (S.623).

o Primary sponsor of Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which states that any health professional is prohibited from performing an abortion after 20 weeks (S.626).

o Co-sponsor of legislation that encourages firearms manufacturers from out-of-state to relocate to South Carolina (S.649).

o Co-sponsor of Agenda 21 Protection Act, which prohibits South Carolina from adopting and developing environmental and developmental policies that would infringe or restrict the private property rights of property owners (S.661).

For these and many more reasons, Lee Bright, gets an unqualified endorsement from Red Statements and from myself.  Many of you have known me for years and know I have never before endorsed a candidate, although I have supported them in their races.  Sometimes you are faced with choices that are difficult.  This was not one of them.  South Carolina has had to suffer through too many Lindsay Grahams and we need a change.  We need Lee Bright.  But more importantly, America needs Lee Bright.