Rand’s Filibuster..Good TV..Good Politics..No Results



The Rand paul show was entertaining and scored some good political points but really didn’t change a thing.  The letter said that no American would be executed by a drone unless he was actively engaged in an attack.  So………..who decides what is a terror attack?  The president.  So basically, he could argue that someone passing out flyers criticizing his administration was “attacking” the US.  And in reality, anyone they do kill will appear to have disappeared and Obama will not be slamming the ball like he did with bin Laden.

Now before you all start attacking me for insulting Rand Paul, I just want you to know that is not what I’m doing.  Rand was powerless to change anything.  However, his stance was a lesson in futility but is an excellent political exercise, in which he hilighted Obama’s policy on killing Americans in out own country.  That in itself was worth the show.  No doubt it will enhance his standing among presidential candidates in 2016, but after his votes for confirmation of Hagel and Lew, it may be a wash. 

So , in essence it was just like a TV special, but if republicans are smart, they will use Paul’s example and do more things like this.  We can only hope.