"God put me on Earth to eradicate cancer and liberalism.
I'm starting with liberalism."

Obama and Kerry Get Weepy Over Dead Terrorist


The lowlifes in the Obama administration have gotten all weepy eyed over the death of a 14 year old Palestinian terrorist who was tossing Molotov cocktails at passing Israeli cars.  They have sent condolences to the little thug's family and have … [Continue reading]

Deputy Matt Takes on All Anti-Gun Liberals With a Challenge


Deputy Matt, who took on the racist ramblings of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who misappropriated $800,000 in federal funds and who's close friend Barack Obama didn't even make him repay the money, has done it again.  He is challenging all … [Continue reading]

Man Shoots Smith and Wesson for the First Time Gets Unexpected Surprise


A man shot a .500 Smith and Wesson for the first time and then found himself running for safety.  A target was placed against a treee and the man fired, hitting his mark, when the friend who was operating the video camera shouted: “Watch out! … [Continue reading]

50 Years Later, Reagan Still Has It Right


Fifty years ago today, Ronald Reagan delivered one of his most important and foresighted speeches, the "A Time for Choosing" speech, delivered October 27th 1964.  It was just before the election of 1964 and the concerns he had then are the same as we … [Continue reading]

Obama Surpasses Nixon’s Corruptness: Tries to Set Up Sharyl Attkisson


In what would seem more like a movie plot than reality, the Obama administration has violated the privacy of the most well known investigative reporter in the United States.  Sharyl Attkisson that left CBS News over their proclivity to cover up each … [Continue reading]

Cop Puts Racist Mayor in His Place


Kevin Johnson, former NBA player and good buddy of Barack Obama’s recently wrote a screed in which he said that if we don’t change the police department in Sacramento it will become another Ferguson.  In his rant he spoke of the racism in his city, … [Continue reading]

Seven African Americans Testify in Ferguson Grand Jury: Fear For Their Lives


Seven or possibly eight African Americans testified at the Ferguson grand jury that they witnessed the shooting and that Officer Wilson’s account is correct.  They will not step out publicly because they are living in fear.  Imagine what that might … [Continue reading]

Atheists to Distribute Pamphlet Showing Bible Sexually Molesting a Woman to Students


The atheist group Freedom From Religion will begin distributing pamphlets to students including one which shows a Bible sexually molesting a woman on the cover.  That pamphlet along with a few others were rejected by the Orange County Schools in … [Continue reading]

Bombshell! St Louis County’s Autopsy Released…Witnesses Lied


The St Louis County coroner has released their autopsy report and it reveals that witnesses lied through their teeth.  The Brown family saw the results back just after the autopsy was first done.  They decided the autopsy was false and had their own … [Continue reading]

Grandfather Takes on Three Would be Thieves


Three men broke into a house bent on robbing the occupants.  This was on Monday night in Lumberton, NC.  Two of the men knocked on the door of a house where a man, his wife and 17 year old granddaughter lived.  All three men were armed and their … [Continue reading]

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