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European Union Judge Rules That Hamas Must Be Taken Off Terrorist List

Volksgerichtshof, Reinecke, Freisler, Lautz

GUARDING THE JUDGE"S CHAMBERS IN THE EU Hamas is no longer a terror threat says one European Union judge.  The court, the second highest in the European Union ruled that Hamas being put on the list was a product of countries based not on facts and … [Continue reading]

BREAKING!!! Federal Judge Rules Obamanesty is Unconstitutional


  District Court Judge Arthur Schwab in Pittsburgh, Pa has ruled that Obamnesty as laid out by Obama is unconstitutional.  The judge says that Obama's actions violates the constitutional provisions on the separation of powers and the … [Continue reading]

Religion of Peace Butchers at Least 132 Children


Obama's negotiating partners and guardians of the religion of peace, the Taliban butchered at least 132 children, including some who were beheaded.  Another 9 adults and teaching personnel or so were also murdered.  Obama has negotiated with the … [Continue reading]

Democrats and RINOs Blocked Recovery of Medicare Fraud Money


The Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program was created in 2010 in order to spot providers who were committing fraud on the Medicare program.  They were successful too, having recovered over 8 billion dollars.  The plan was simple.  Private companies … [Continue reading]

Did Michelle Discover Barack’s Love Nest?


  The National Enquirer has broken a story about Barack Obama maintaining a love nest near the White House at the famous Jefferson Hotel.  At this time the story cannot be confirmed.  Most media won't even try.  However, I would like to … [Continue reading]

Democrat Politician May Commute to Work From Prison


Democratic Virginia state delegate Joseph Morrissey is considering the possibility of commuting to work from prison.  Morrissey will be on a work release program for statutory rape of 17 year old working in his office.  Morrissey is claiming that he … [Continue reading]

Obama Sabotages His Amnesty Program


Obama may have sabotaged his own amnesty program.  Like any schoolyard bully who yields power and who possesses the brain of a Neanderthal, Obama had to brag about his victory before it happened.  He could soon learn that a chicken is smarter than he … [Continue reading]

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions, Senators With Cojones

Despite Progress, Government Shutdown Enters 11th Day

While the House republicans cower in fear, three conservative senators refuse to be cowed by the tyranny emanating from the White House.  They are trying to force two votes which Harry Reid is doing his best to prevent.  Four senators who voted for … [Continue reading]

NYC Cops Ban de Blasio From Their Funerals


NYC police reacting to the anti-police rants of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, have now begun to request that neither one be allowed to make a photo op out of their funerals.  They feel that if you have no … [Continue reading]

Rep Marlin Stutzman Claims Republican Leaders Duped Him to Pass Budget Resolution


  Rep Marlin Stutzman said that he was duped into voting for a resolution that would advance the Boehner/Obama budget resolution.  He had originally voted no but said that someone from the leadership promised him the bill would be … [Continue reading]

Obama Amnesty Gives Illegal Aliens Immediate Path to Citizenship


An antique sign Some people have overlooked it, but Sen Mike Lee of Utah did.  There is a loophole so big that you could drive Obama's ego through it.  For illegal immigrants with children who were born here, they will no longer have to go back to … [Continue reading]

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