"God put me on Earth to eradicate cancer and liberalism.
I'm starting with liberalism."

Al Gore Has a Plan to Save the World and it Only Costs 90 Trillion Dollars

al gore

Al Gore is back in the news.  He has teamed up with former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, to promote a plan to remove cars from every major city on the planet.  You will only be able to move with mass transit.  Can anyone honestly see Gore … [Continue reading]

Will Andrew Cuomo Be the Next NY Dem Behind Bars?


Andrew Cuomo could very well be the next New York democrat to do time behind bars.  If not, he could at least be forced from office for corruption.  For those of you who did not know, New York state had a group called the Moreland Commission.  This … [Continue reading]

Rand Paul Hires a Woman Who Hates Jews and the Pledge of Allegiance


In keeping with his own beliefs, Rand Paul has hired a blogger to do contract work for him who shares his hatred of the Jews and also shares his love of conspiracy theories.  Marianne Copenhaver, also known as “Libertarian Girl,” was hired a few … [Continue reading]

Bombshell!! Michelle Obama Connected Firm Gets Third Federal Contract Despite Total Failure

CGI logo 2013

CGI, which was fired for incompetence in the Obamacare website rollout fiasco has a strong connection to Michelle Obama.  Toni Townes-Whitley, a former classmate of Michelle Obama as well as the fact that both were members of Organization of Black … [Continue reading]

Kid Rock Nails Michael Moore and Seth Rogan

kid rock

Kid Rock is known for his fierce allegiance to the men and women of the military and less known for his ability to control his temper or the use of diplomatic language.  That is why he laid into both POS Hollywood players on his official … [Continue reading]

Emails Show That Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Ordered National Guard to Stand Down During Ferguson Riots


Emails show how democrats worked around the clock to appease the rioters (And their financier George Soros?)  during the Ferguson riots.  Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to stand down on the evening the grand jury verdict was handed down.  … [Continue reading]

Top NY Democrat Arrested for Corruption…Imagine That (UPDATED)


UPDATED...This afternoon the charges against Silver were made known.  He is charged with 5 counts of fraud and corruption.  He received pay from 2 law firms.  One is into asbestos law and the other in real estate tax.  Silver is a lawyer but is not … [Continue reading]

Liberal AP Fact Checks Obama’s SOTU Address


The very liberal Associated Press has fact checked Obama's SOTU and he did not fare well.  Among other things they found to be factually challenged is Obama taking credit for a revived economy.  It must have been difficult to fact check considering … [Continue reading]

Justice Dept To Clear Darren Wilson…Rioters Might Need more of Soros Money


The Justice Dept is about to clear Darren Wilson of civil rights violations.  That means more riots.  Soros may have to dig deep to finance the new riots like he did the old ones.  After the Brown's family autopsy was released, it became obvious that … [Continue reading]

Harry Reid to Have Surgery to Save His Eyesight


Senator Harry Reid will have surgery next week (Where is Dr Kevorkian when you need him?) in an attempt to save his vision in the right eye.  Reid returned to the senate this week for the first time this year.  Reid was allegedly injured while … [Continue reading]

Black Professor at Vanderbilt is Attacked By Muslims for a Blog She Wrote About Charlie Hebdo


After a black professor wrote an article about the Charlie Hebdo attack and what we now know about radical extremists, Muslim students on the campus are demanding that she be robbed of her freedom of speech if she ever writes anything about that … [Continue reading]

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