"God put me on Earth to eradicate cancer and liberalism.
I'm starting with liberalism."

Cancer Patient: I am a Victim of Obamacare


Edie Littlefield Sundby, has Stage 4 gallbladder cancer.  I can sympathize.  Three years ago, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  Within six months, she wasted away to half of her original weight and died 2 years ago, July 7th.  Stage 4 … [Continue reading]

Michigan Man Seeks 25million For Outing Osama bin Laden


Tom Lee , a resident of Grand Rapids Michigan, claims that he fingered the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in 2003 and has made numerous attempts to collect the 25 million dollar bounty.  Lee has hired the law firm of  Loevy & Loevy to represent … [Continue reading]

Chris, Piers, Now Maher? WTF? [WATCH]


Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan have both called out Obama as a willful liar.  Now we can add a new name to that list, Bill Maher.  He had Debbie Wasserman Schultz on, who insisted Obama didn't lie.  He told the truth, to the majority of the people.  … [Continue reading]

Leader of Taliban in Pakistan Achieves Room Temperature


Hakimullah Mehsud, leader of the Taliban in Pakistan, is being reported as killed in a drone strike earlier today.  That would be a major blow to the Taliban just as they are entering talks with Pakistani officials.    Hakimullah Mehsud is suspected … [Continue reading]

BREAKING NEWS…Shooting at LAX Airport


One TSA officer, a 29 year old man,  and a suspect are wounded after a shooting incident at 9:30 LA time (12:30 PM EST)  The shooter had slipped by security before opening fire in terminal 3.  Two people were wounded but the severity of their wounds … [Continue reading]

EXPLOSIVE New Development in Washington Naval Yard Shooting

Navy Yard Shooting

Bipartisan outrage swept through the in the Senate as  Elaine Kaplan, of the Office of Personnel Management, testified that the company that ran the background check on Washington Naval Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, did not even attempt to get a copy … [Continue reading]

Tom Coburn Calls Reid an A-hole..Share if You Agree


According to the New York Daily News, Sen Tom Coburn, who was attending a fundraiser in New York, sponsored by the New York Young Republicans called Harry Reid, an absolute asshole.  A thing like that can get you sued for definition of … [Continue reading]

Jeb Bush Eases Fear of Third Bush Presidency


  People of all political stripes have been worried about a third Bush presidency.  That fear is irrational.  Jeb might to the right of Ho Chi Minh but not very far to the right.  He favors amnesty, he gives Hillary a medal on the … [Continue reading]

Libertarians Cry in Their Beer in Ohio


A new law in Ohio says that in order to get on the ballot, you must be a member of a party that got 3% or more of the vote last time or you must get signatures equal to 1% of the last vote.  OMG!!!  How cruel.  How often do you see a debate with … [Continue reading]

Georgia Business to Dump Employees into Exchanges and Pay Fine


Debbie and Larry Underkoffler, opened a boutique staffing agency in the middle of the Obama recession and have always taken good care of their employees, but thanks to Obamacare, they are forced into throwing them to the wolves.   They have 400 … [Continue reading]

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