"God put me on Earth to eradicate cancer and liberalism.
I'm starting with liberalism."

Black TV Star Says Al Sharpton is a Pawn and Obama is Bought and Paid For By His White Masters


Byron Allen, the legendary TV host appeared on "Reliable Sources" on Sunday to discuss his lawsuit against Comcast and Sharpton.  Mr Allen says the same thing that many conservatives have said for years.  That is that the racist left pays off … [Continue reading]

Google Search to Become Liberal Propaganda Headquarters


Google says that ranking postings by the number of hits is a failure because hits do not translate into "truth".  They are working to make their search engine "truth friendly."  But anyone familiar with Google knows that truth is subjective.  The … [Continue reading]

The Ten Commandments of Liberalism


#1 Thou shalt kill…..innocent babies #2 Love thy terrorist as thyself #3 Thou shalt steal….and call it taxation #4 Thou shalt bear false witness…especially against conservatives #5 Thou shalt not have any gods before Obama #6 Thou … [Continue reading]

Deal Between Obama and the ACLU Will Allow 8.8 Million Deported Illegals to Return to US


Nine Mexican illegals sued the US government because they said the voluntary return documents they signed should be tossed out and they should be allowed to continue their careers as Hispanic leaches.  The judge never had to make a decision in the … [Continue reading]

New Documents Prove Hillary Lied About the Benghazi Attack


Our good friends at Judicial Watch has obtained documents on February 11th, that expose Hillary's lie on the Benghazi attack.  The documents show that Hillary's staff knew for a fact that it was an act of terrorism almost as soon as the attack took … [Continue reading]

Chris Kyle to Be Considered for Congressional Medal of Honor


Republican Rep. Roger Williams of Texas has introduced a bill, nominating Chris Kyle for the Congressional Medal of Honor. (CMH)   The bill would award Kyle the CMH for his service in Iraqi Freedom posthumously.  Williams said of Kyle: “Chris gave … [Continue reading]

Trey Gowdy Proposes Bill Defunding Obamnesty and Making it Easier to Deport Criminal Aliens

trey go

Trey Gowdy has proposed a bill that will defund Obamnesty and will also make it easier to deport illegal aliens that commit crimes.  The bill sounds good and I like Trey Gowdy but the bill has zero chance of becoming law.  It may get through … [Continue reading]

BOMBSHELL!!! Lois Lerner Email Proves Lost Emails was Intentional Criminal Activity


A damning email from Lois Lerner to David Fish and Nikole Flax proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "crashed" hard drives was not accidental but a planned plot to destroy evidence of criminal wrongdoing.  In the email, Lerner expresses fear … [Continue reading]

Search For Lerner Emails on Hold:Revealed John Koskinen Lied


The search for Lois Lerner's emails are on hold because of a software licensing problem.  Treasury Department Inspector General Timothy Camus told the House Oversight Committee that his investigation is on hold while he works out a licensing problem … [Continue reading]

Senate Set to Confirm Loretta Lynch, Proving Once Again What P*^^#@s They Are

Lynch L

The Senate Judicial Committee has voted 12-8 to confirm Loretta Lynch as the next Eric Holder, thanks to RINOs Orrin Hatch, Lindsay Graham and Jeff Flake.  Those three voted for Lynch despite the fact that it has been disclosed how she cheated … [Continue reading]

Obama Bans Most Popular Ammunition for the AR-15


Barack Obama is going through the backdoor (a practice I'm sure he prefers to Michelle) to ban the AR-15.  He is banning the M855 bullet which is the most popular round used in target shooting because of it's relatively low cost.  Earlier, he tried … [Continue reading]

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