"God put me on Earth to eradicate cancer and liberalism.
I'm starting with liberalism."

Obama Getting Ready to Raise Minimum Wage for Millions By Executive Order


For many years, companies have rewarded workers by giving them entry level managerial positions from which to move up in the company, while learning the skills needed to succeed within the company.  The position almost always comes with a nice pay … [Continue reading]

INCREDIBLE! Obama Administration Refuses to Prosecute Spy for Chinese Government


The Obama administration has decided not to charge a Chinese spy for...well, spying.  The person in question was a contractor working for the State Department and she has freely admitted to the spying and passing the information on to the Chinese … [Continue reading]

VA Ran Secret Program..Informed FBI and ATF on Medical Condition of Vets for Gun Confiscation


BY THE WAY, HAND OVER YOUR GUNS BEFORE WE SHOOT YOU OR THROW YOU IN JAIL The scandal ridden VA has added another notch to their string of duplicity.  It turns out that the VA was secretly passing on information on vet gun ownership along with … [Continue reading]

Jack Booted Nazis are Alive and Well in Wisconsin, Led By Prosecutor John “F-Ur Civil Rights” Chisholm


Commandant John Chisholm giving orders to the police It's hard to believe we are in the United States rather than Nazi Germany when we read what liberals like John Chisholm, Milwaukee County prosecutor, do to law abiding citizens.  Here is a prime … [Continue reading]

Liberal Ivy League Dartmouth College Pans President Hillary


Dartmouth has been long known to have an oversized influence in New Hampshire and is well known to sway elections.    If that holds true in 2016, Hillary is up to her Botox in trouble.  Out of 50 students polled, only nine said that Hillary would … [Continue reading]

WARNING. WARNING. DANGER DANGER. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is Really About Opening Borders Without Control


Republicans are about to make a huge mistake.  They are moving to pass the  Trans-Pacific Partnership fast track legislation favored by Obama.  Obama must be laughing his ass off at how easy it is to fool the morons in the Senate.  You see, there is … [Continue reading]

New Book Claims Hillary Traded State Department Influence for Millions


A new book that has Hillary campaign workers running for cover tells how Bill and Hillary Clinton got rich off her influence at the State Department.  Unlike other books about the Clintons, this book is well researched and cites donations to the … [Continue reading]

No Women Pass Marine Officer Test, So They are Ordered to Lower the Standard


Gen Marin Dempsey, shill for Barack Obama is ordering the standards be dropped so that women can pass it to become Marine infantry officers.  I assume if they don't meet the new lower standard will again be lowered.  This can prove disastrous, after … [Continue reading]

Far Left Columnist Says Hillary’s Campaign Worst He’s Ever Seen

maxresdefault (1)

Rick Ungar, the far left whacko bird who defends all things liberal has declared that Hillary's campaign is the most contrived he has ever seen.  If you don't believe me look at how he bills himself on Forbes: Contributor Rick Ungar I write from … [Continue reading]

Black Economist Charles Payne Says Obama Planning to Pay Slavery Reparations in 2016

charles payne

Charles Payne, a well known black economist is saying that Barack Obama will try to pay out billions in slavery reparations in 2016 in conjunction with the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous People.  He has already given Indians an entire … [Continue reading]

CNN (Clinton News Network) Calls Hillary’s Iowa Trip “Sneaky Brilliant”


VACANCY...COMES WITH EAR TO EAR CARPETING...ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED First , let me congratulate CNN for hiring the mentally challenged Martha Pease.  Not many news organizations (and I use the word lightly) would hire someone who's brain is less than … [Continue reading]

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