Obama Courts Unqualified Judges

Caitlin-Halligan1Laws?  I don’t need no stinking laws!!!


They say you are judged by the company you keep, but it could also be said your company can be kept by the judges you pick.  If so, Obama is the lowest rated judge of judges this country has ever seen.  In just his first 34 months, he has selected more unqualified judges than Bush and Clinton nominated in 192 months.  15 out of 185 were determined by the ABA as unqualified.  Considering the far left leaning of the ABA, that’s saying something.  In fact, one of Obama’s judicial picks, Caitlan Halligan, has been nominated 4 times and rejected every one of those times.

Halligan, whose sharp legal mind is responsible for such statements as that guns are a nuisance and that gun manufacturers should be responsible for all crimes commited with them. The New York Supreme Court, which is one of the most liberal in the country didn’t even waste any time in overturning her opinion out of hand as being beyond the pale.  Obama has been desperately trying to get her onto the bench of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.  4 of the current 9 SCOTUS judges have come from that court and it is apparent, Obama was grooming her to take over for Ginsberg who is expected to retire before Obama leaves office. 

Sotomayer, one of Obama’s previous picks for SCOTUS holds the dubious distinction of being the most overturned judge to ever sit on the country’s top bench, with a record of 60% of all cases that went to SCOTUS.  This is especially alarming, given the fact that liberals have a long history of using judicial activism to enact policies, they could never get through legislation.  Even more disturbing is that Republicans did not kill her nomination.  It would not be hard to justify their opposition, considering her poor record on the bench.

But beyond her legal malfeasance, we also have her poor writing skills and drafts that were hard for other judges to follow and many of her briefs included misreadings of the law.  But in Obama’s world ideology is what counts, not competence.  Obama’s judgement is as poor as the man who named “Near Beer.”  It will be interesting to see if Obama decides to go for Halligan a fifth time.