Graham Poker’s Barackula



This is a new take on an old movie.  It’s about a dark creature who must spend his days on the golf course to avoid certain death of his policies.  He has mystical powers which he uses at night.  He seduces a young woman named America with his hypnotic voice and eyes.  He seduces the young woman, then sinks his fangs into her neck, cutting off her liberty and allowing her riches to quickly drain from her body.  America is left on the floor, drained of her opportunities for all and ravaged by the scavengers, eager to feast on her rotting flesh.  In the end, a young hero emerges with his wooden sword of truth, which he plunges into Barackula’s heart, destroying his malevolent being and restoring the lovely America back to life.

I found this movie to be both disturbing yet uplifting.  Coming to a theater near you soon….I hope.