Gore Sued Over Al’s Jazeera



John Terenzio has sued Al Gore over stiffing him his commission in the sale of Current TV to Qutar’s Al Jazeera.  Terenzio is the man who adapted a Chinese station for American consumption.  Last year, he got the idea about doing the same thing for Al Jazeera and he decided that with Current’s terrible financial shape, they’d be a perfect target.  He presented his idea qand the step by step procedures in meetings with co owner, Richard Blum.  (Mr Diane Feinstein)  Gore nixed the deal as presented and then did an about face and sold it just as Terenzio had set it up.  The problem is that Gore and Blum have refused to pay the 5 million dollar fee agreed to before the original deal fell through.

Blum and his wife, Diane Feinstein have a long history of questionable (when I say questionable, I mean corrupt) business dealings, mostly at taxpayer expense.  And of course we know about Al Gore and his carbon trading hoax.  So putting these two together, produced the same results an Al Capone/Barack Obama partnership would create. 

Don’t you find it laughable that liberals bemoan the evil rich?  Especially since it’s the liberals who participate in it?  It’s like Buffett complaining that his taxes aren’t high enough while he owes the IRS 1.05 billion dollars. in back taxes.