God Must Really Love Morons…That’s Why He Made So Many Of Them


On the other hand, they really chap my butt.  The latest set of fools to travel down the road to utter ignorance are the Newton Truthers.  These fools want you to believe that an entire town is involved in a conspiracy theory.  Actually, their theory would require that people all over the country to be involved in this conspiracy theory to allow it to work.  They are causing pain and anxiety for the parents and families of the 20 deceased students.  They have also smeared the reputation of 69 year old, Gene Rosen.  (I wonder if Jay Carney personally knows three Gene Rosens.  Anyway, I digress)

Mr Rosen had allowed 6 students into his home during the shooting to shield them from the gunfire.  Since the tin foil crowd has gotten involved, he has received death threats, threatening emails, and one mother actually showed up at his door demanding that he tell her where her deceased child was.  They have taken a hero and made his life unbearable.  They have caused huge distress to parents who buried their children just a short while ago.  They are being harassed by these castoffs from the mother ship, who have nothing in their lives and have the need to live vicariously, through the pain of others.

Where do you think these idiots think the children are now?  In an Arizona commune under the auspices of the Federal Witness Program?  Drinking Pina Colados along the Mexican Riviera? (Where they could be shot with guns provided by Obama and Holder)  And why would all the parents be willing to go along with this hoax?  Money?  How much would you accept to give up your children?  (Although there are times I’d pay for someone to take mine)  The police, the coroner, the ambulance drivers, all the parents standing vigil at the school awaiting news on their children, all the reporters and countless others would have to be involved in the hoax as well as grandparents, aunts uncles, cousins and miscellaneous friends and relatives, would all have to be involved in the cover up.

Perhaps some of you truthers are in my Red Statements group.  If you are, resign and unfriend me.  I don’t want or need people of such low character, darkening the doors of my group.  And as for the rest of you, don’t be silent.  It’s imperative that we conservatives condemn the actions of the human excrement amongst us before the liberals try to tie conservatives to them.  Make your displeasure loud and strong.  Stand up for the truth and those in pain in Newton.  It is your responsibility as Americans.  It is your mandate as compassionate mothers and fathers who must try to imagine what the parents of the Newton must be going through.  It is your duty as beacons of the truth.