For the GOP…The Road to Victory is Capitulation

I can almost hear young Judy Garland singing “Somewhere Over the Fiscal Cliff”.  I have studied this problem long and hard.  Just what is the best course of action.  When the answer finally got to me, I was surprised.  You see, my friends, the Democrats are really good at pinning their transgressions on the Republicans.  No matter who is at fault, the democrats will spread the narrative, that it’s the Republican’s fault.  Moreover, it’s apparent they want to go over the cliff.

The question I asked myself is why.  I have found several plausible explanations.

1)  They want to go over the cliff and be able to pin it on Republicans.  If they can damage the brand, they have the advantage in 2014 Senatorial elections.

2)  They want an excuse to raise taxes even higher and if Republicans fight them, they will point to the Republican failure that pushed us over the cliff.

3)  They want to go over the cliff and eliminate the Bush tax cuts on everybody and blame the Republicans.

Any way you cut it, the Republicans will get a black eye from this.  That is what led me to the conclusion the best path is the most distastful one.  Capitulate.  But not merely capitulate.  Make capitulation a weapon.  Make it a grandstand play.

Have you noticed that even though, liberals constantly say they want the middle class to keep the Bush tax cuts forever, all six of their plans to date, call for only a one year extension?  Doesn’t this seem odd to you?  Can you see them coming back next year and regretfully raising all the rates to their previous ones?  Of course they would blame it on the Republicans pushing the country over the fiscal cliff.  I can see the commercial now.  Paul Ryan shoving Uncle Sam and his wheel chair over the fiscal cliff.

So here’s my plan.  And a diabolical one at that.  Republican leaders in the House and the Senate hold a press conference.  They offer a plan they came to by the realization that they lost the election and in their hearts had no choice but to give the Democrats exactly what they want.  The voters have spoken.  The Republicans agree to allow the wealthiest Americans have their taxes increased even though they are convinced it will hurt the economy severely, because they cannot fight the will of the people.  Moreover, in respect to the oft spoken Democratic tenet, they agree to make middle class tax cuts permanent with a clause that the House would need a super majority of 67% to increase their taxes in the future.  They also agree to raise the debt ceiling by 1.2 trillion dollars, which should last more than a year according to democratic talking points.

With one masterful stroke, they would put the Democrats behind the eight ball.  Consider the possibilities.  If the Democrats oppose the permanent tax cut for lower earnings, they would have to admit they never wanted that.  If they oppose the 1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase, it would be an admission that they are bound to increase spending and not cutting it.  And when the economy worsens, and it will, they have no one to blame.  They can’t blame Bush.  The can’t blame Republican obstructionists or the “failed policies of the past”.  They would be the proverbial long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

What have we got to lose?  If we fight them now on this, they will allow us to go over the cliff and they, as they have many times in the poast, convince the voters it is the fault of Republicans.  Wouldn’t you love to see Obama, Pelosi, and Reid playing defense for a change?  And even better, once the Republicans capitulate, the lapdog media will rejoice and tell their viewers that the democrats won and forced the Republicans to surrender.  This makes it impossible to deny later.  They own the economy.  The title is in their name.

Liberals were able to cover the short term spending on enhanced handouts but when you consider it cannot deal with it considering the paltry amount raised by the taxes on the rich (85 billion at very best or 12 1/2 days of Obama spending) they will soon run out of revenue, especially as the Obamacare layoffs get more plentiful.  It’s like a Republican version of Cloward/Pevin READ  How deliciously sweet would that be.  And it could have the added advantage of finally getting people to realize what the priorities really are.

So I am releasing this to you, as I run for cover.  Incoming!!!