Obama is going into stealth mode and his subordinates are parsing their words to the extreme and that includes Eric Holder’s vague answers to direct questions.  How do I know this is a plot?  Simple.  Why would a president, who wants foreign terrorists on American territory, to receive Miranda warnings and court trials, now want to execute Americans deemed to be terrorists?   The very same president, who has designated the Fort Hood shootings as a workplace, now says he wishes to be judge, jury, and executioner for Americans.  As Judge Judy often says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.”

This policy makes no sense unless he has a hidden agenda.  How does one become designated as a terrorist?  Only the president can designate a person a terrorist, therefore, whatever method he uses in slapping the “terrorist” label on anyone, can be whatever he chooses it to be.  And when they do kill a “terrorist”, do you really believe they will announce it?  Well, by law, they have to unless the information is designated as “top secret”.  Coincidentally, only the president gets to choose what is top secret and what is not.  Convenient, is it not?

So, who will receive terrorist designation?  People working with Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood or the president of the NRA?  A suicide bomber or a reporter such as Bob Woodward?  Someone collecting money for Hamas or is it a politician or the head of a conservative foundation.  This answer is also ambiguous at best.  After all, we need Miranda rights and civilian trials for radical Islamists who kill Americans on our soil, so it is unlikely they would be the target.  And remember, Napolitano has been busy investigating conservative groups and calling them domestic terrorists, along with veterans from our military. 

I don’t think very many of us would disagree, that there could be an instance where a terrorist needs to be stopped if he is on his way to commit an atrocity.  The question is, do you trust Obama to make that decision?