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BREAKING NEWS: Pa Survivalist, Cop Killer Captured



Eric Frein, who shot and killed the Pennsylvania State Trooper at the barracks was captured on Thursday at an abandoned airfield in Mt Pocono, Pa.  They recovered a rifle, pistol and a couple of pipe bombs.  Also found was a diary entry:

“Got a shot around 11 p.m. and took it.  He dropped. I was surprised at how quick. I took a follow-up shot on his head, neck area. He was still and quiet after that.

“Another cop approached the one I just shot.  As he went to kneel, I took a shot at him and jumped in the door. His legs were visible and still.”

From NBC:

At one campsite uncovered by search teams on the border of Pike and Monroe counties early this month, authorities found military-style packs, food, clothing, the two pipe bombs and .380-caliber ammunition that matched the weapon used to shoot the two troopers. Many of the items police found during the manhunt — including soiled diapers and trash — tested positive for Frein’s DNA, they said.

 In addition to the trooper shootings, Frein is charged with two counts of manufacturing weapons of mass destruction after the pipe bombs were found. The shrapnel-packed pipe bombs were booby-trapped with trip wires and could have caused serious injury to anyone nearby, authorities said.
The manhunt for Frein lasted 48 days.

Seven African Americans Testify in Ferguson Grand Jury: Fear For Their Lives



Seven or possibly eight African Americans testified at the Ferguson grand jury that they witnessed the shooting and that Officer Wilson’s account is correct.  They will not step out publicly because they are living in fear.  Imagine what that might feel like.  You want to testify honestly, but you know if you do your whole community will turn on you and seriously injure you or worse.  And for who?  A suspected street thug?  They have won my respect.  They could have easily said they didn’t see anything, but instead they testify to protect an honest law enforcement officer.

It is just one more blow for the “indict him or else” crowd.  Yesterday, the autopsy report was released, and it too backed up Officer Wilson’s account.  The toxicology report showed that Brown could very well have been under the influence of marijuana.  The New York Times reported last week that it was likely that no indictment would be handed down by the grand jury.  More exculpatory evidence has come out since that article was published.

Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown after an altercation that began as a simple jaywalking issue, and then escalated once Officer Wilson received the report of a recent strong arm robbery.  A video was released that allegedly shows Brown and Dorian Johnson in a local store, where Brown stole some cigars that he handed to Johnson before roughing up the clerk.  When Officer Wilson confronted the two about the robbery, Brown allegedly attacked Wilson.

Not only does the DA’s office not have enough evidence to indict, federal investigators have told The New York Times that there was not nearly enough evidence to go for civil rights violations.  That doesn’t mean Holder or his replacement won’t pursue those charges.

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch says there is not enough evidence to indict Officer Wilson, and says it’s no accident that the Feds are allowing information to leak out now.  He believes they want to let the public down easily.  Not me.  I think this is the democrats October Surprise.  If they can get the rioting and looting going, it will get them out to the polls to vote against republicans.  The funny thing is that the black population have elected white liberals to run the city.  Not republicans, liberals.

D.C. Woman Gives Birth, Then Dismembers Her Baby with Scissors Before Strangling Him




Lillian Alvarado has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after it was discovered that after giving birth to a baby in her bathroom, she dismembered the baby with scissors before strangling him to death.  Alvarado’s father claims she is suffering from a mental disease and no idea what she did.

Police were first called to the Washington D.C. apartment on November 28th, when a neighbor on a lower floor complained about blood dripping from her ceiling. Police were finally able to convince her to open the door and she sat on the bed, saying, “I’m sorry.”  In the bathroom, they found the baby dead, with the umbilical  cord still attached.  Alvarado claimed the baby was still born, but air bubbles inside the baby’s lungs proves he was born alive.  The coroner said the cause of death was due to dismemberment and asphyxiation.

Alvarado moved to the United States about a year ago from El Salvador, after her husband was killed.  She has been working here as a housekeeper.  Alvarado also has a 2 year old daughter, who was removed from her custody, the day she was born.

Alvarado will undergo mental competency tests to see if she is responsible enough to stand trial.

Illegal Aliens in Georgia DEMAND InState Tuition Rate




iaFirst of all, let’s get one thing straight.  The citizens of the United States Owe you nothing.  Back in August, they demanded free organ transplants.  The excuse we get is it’s not their fault that their parents broke the law.  So if your parents robbed a bank and gave you $20,000, would you get to keep the money because after all you did nothing illegal.  What if your parents sold smack and for your birthday, they bought you a $150,000 Lotus.  They get caught.  Would you get to keep the car even though it was you who broke the law?   No.  So why do you deserve free medical, free tuition, free food, free heat, free money?

Roughly three dozen illegal immigrants are suing the state of Georgia for handouts.  They are asking the court to order the state to discount their tuition.  The judge in the case, DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott, heard arguments about moving the case to Fulton County .  Charles Kuck, lawyers for the illegals claims that they can sue in any county with a school in it.

Georgia state law says that anyone applying for in state tuition must prove they have a lawful presence in Georgia.  The illegal aliens claim that Obama’s policy of not deporting them makes them legal.  However, without legislation from congress there is no legal status.  Obama refusing to enforce the law does not make that act legal.

The judge told both sides that the case is complicated and asked both sides for additional written arguments.



Christian School Teacher Loses Her Job Over Nude Pictures



A  Christian school teacher has been placed on leave, after nude pictures of hers surfaced on a revenge porn site.  Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy spokeswoman Jennifer Murphy, confirmed that an unnamed teacher has been placed on leave because compromised pictures made their way onto the Internet.  (Compromised means it was done without the teachers knowledge or permission)  The teacher will remain on leave while the school investigates.

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy have strict rules for their teachers and even if the pictures were stolen and posted without her permission, it doesn’t mean she will be able to return to work.  Teachers at the Academy have a morals clause that could cover the situation and work against her.

“We don’t know the intent as to how it was provided.  Our goal at this time is to inform faculty and staff and make sure we have minimal disruptions. We are a Christian school and a Christ-centered environment. We don’t want to compromise the learning environment for our children.”

The woman is a fifth grade science teacher and also a cheer leading coach, according to WXIX-TV.

The woman reported her phone as stolen on November 24th and the pictures appeared on the website, “The Dirty” soon thereafter.

Iran Revolutionary Guard Commits to Motto, “Death to America”



While Obama, Biden, and Kerry grovel at their feet, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have committed themselves to the motto, “Death to America.”  It’s our own fault for electing a possum as president.  The possum has razor-sharp teeth (or the best military in the world) but when confronted, prefers to play dead.  Israel tried to warn Obama that the Iranians were just playing for time, while they complete a nuclear bomb.  And while his minions sung his praises, claiming a major diplomatic victory, Iran has continued to insult and degrade the United States, while Obama plays dead.

Moderate groups in Iran wanted them to soften their rhetoric, while there are ongoing negotiations.  That plea was rejected just as the Revolutionary Guards are preparing to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the taking of American hostages.  The Guard defends its use of “Death to America” on their official website:

“The slogan Death to America is the symbol of strength and determination of the Iranian nation against the dominance of the United States which is an oppressive and untrustworthy country.”

There has been an ongoing debate into whether it was proper to continue the “Death to America” chant that has made regular appearances at official functions.  But the Guard asserts, “Telephone espionage by the United States government against the people of other countries are proof that you can not trust the leadership of the White House.”  (Hey, we do have some common ground) 

The Revolutionary Guards were formed in 1979, when the Shah of Iran was removed by Jimmy Carter and the radical Islamists took control of the country.  Their direct allegiance is to the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei and not to the president.  They are coup insurance.  It has a total force of 200,000 soldiers.

Hardliners have added two new “Death to America” songs for the upcoming celebration to be held at the former US embassy.  They are “Burn, America, Burn” and “Barack Obama mmm, mmm, mmm”.

Imam  Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, said on Friday during prayers that Iran will continue to chant, “Death to America” even as negotiations continued.  The US response?  Biden and Kerry are pleading for no new sanctions on Iran.  That should show them.  Obama did not comment, he was too busy playing dead.

During the revolution, Iranian students seized 52 hostages and held them for 444 days.

There are reports that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are fighting beside Assad’s forces in Syria.

How Many People Who Are Happy With Their Health Insurance Will Lose It? Only 129 Million


APRIL’S FOOLS!!!………………………………………………..>

The talking heads hit all the Sunday shows, defending Obama against the outright lies he told.  Health Care economist Christopher Conover, of the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University , says the real number is 129 million.  He was recently interviewed by the Daily Caller and pointed out some interesting facts and numbers.

“Bottom line: of the 189 million Americans with private health insurance  coverage, I estimate that if Obamacare is fully implemented, at least 129  million (68 percent) will not be able to keep their previous health care plan  either because they already have lost or will lose that coverage by the end of  2014.  But of these, ‘only’ the 18 to 50 million will  literally lose coverage, i.e., have their plans entirely taken away. This  includes 9.2-15.4 million in the non-group market and 9-35 million in the  employer-based market. The rest will retain their old plans but have to pay  higher rates for Obamacare-mandated bells and whistles.”

Conover added that it’s extremely unlikely that Obama did not know this as he was making the same promises in trying to sell his failed Obamacare plan, “If President Obama himself believed this the first time he said it, he was  poorly advised.”

“The problem is that he said it at least 24 times, most of which occurred after  his own rule-writers had estimated that 49-80 percent of small employer plans  would have lost their grandfather status by 2013, along with 34-64 percent of  large employer plans. The same rule estimated that each year 40 to 67 percent of  non-group plans not already grandfathered would lose their grandfather status.  Given how extensively presidential statements — especially to a joint session of  Congress — are vetted and fact-checked, it is pretty inconceivable that  President Obama was not aware that he was engaged in some degree of  truth-twisting.”

Read the full text of the interview between the Daily caller and Conover here.

Father Searches for Someone to Rape His 11 Year Old Daughter



Liberalism is the cause of things like this.

Anthony Brinkman was arrested at a Cracker Barrel, after trying to find someone to rape his 11-year-old daughter.  The suspect had placed an online ad and an undercover policeman posing as a 27-year-old woman answered his ad.  They agreed to meet at a predetermined place and Brinkman was expecting the woman to help him sexually abuse his daughter with sex toys.  Instead, he was placed in custody and his daughter has been given to relatives to care for her.

St. Louis Police Media Relations Officer Randy Vaughn, responding to inquiries from The Blaze, said:  “The suspect posted an ad online looking for someone to engage in sexual conduct with his daughter.”

St. Louis County Detective Mike Slaughter told the St Louis Post=Dispatch, that the suspect had requested that the officer posing as a 27-year-old woman, help him by using sex toys.  “From the time he posted that ad to the time we arrested him was less than 48 hours.”

After he was arrested, Brinkman confessed to placing the ads.  Officer Vaughn said he had never before seen anything like this is all his years in law enforcement.

“I’ve never dealt with anything like this in my years of service.  This is not something we see a lot, obviously. Thank God.”

“It’s absolutely disgusting.  It’s sick and even from my world it’s hard to believe. I’m a father of two young kids myself and to think there is a father out there that has strayed away from taking care of his children to put them in this danger is really hard to come to grips with.”

Brinkman is being held in lieu of a $100,000 dollar bond.

[WATCH] Chris Matthews Takes Down Another Liberal?



For the second time in a week, Chris Matthews patience was tried by friends of Obama pretending that lies don’t matter.  Has he grown a set or is he trying out for Fox News?  His guest was Guy Cecil, the executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee,  Matthews accused him of “flackery” and evidently, Matthews no longer likes ”flackery.”

“I don’t want a Democratic flack who can’t think beyond his job description!”, screamed Matthews.

Matthews made the point that a landslide victory for Chris Christie would be a significant sign for the resurgence of the Republican party.  Cecil remarked that it would have zero impact.  At this point, Matthews started calling for a new guest.

“Wait a minute, stop right here. If you are just gonna flack guy, you have no value to this show.  You are telling me that a victory in a big, headline-dominating race in New Jersey doesn’t matter?”

When Cecil said yes, Matthews called for the next guest.

“You have no value to this show if you are going to talk like that. That’s insane talk.  You’re wasting my time with flackery! I don’t want a Democratic flack who can’t think beyond his job description!”

Those are some pretty tough words.  You have to wonder why.

Cancer Patient: I am a Victim of Obamacare


Edie Littlefield Sundby, has Stage 4 gallbladder cancer.  I can sympathize.  Three years ago, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  Within six months, she wasted away to half of her original weight and died 2 years ago, July 7th.  Stage 4 is very advanced and someone at that stage spends every day clinging to life.  Edie wrote an op-ed piece explaining her battle with Obamacare.  Here in her own words directly from the Wall Street Journal is her story and battle with Obamacare:

Everyone now is clamoring about Affordable Care Act winners and losers. I am one of the losers.

My grievance is not political; all my energies are directed to enjoying life and staying alive, and I have no time for politics. For almost seven years I have fought and survived stage-4 gallbladder cancer, with a five-year survival rate of less than 2% after diagnosis. I am a determined fighter and extremely lucky. But this luck may have just run out: My affordable, lifesaving medical insurance policy has been canceled effective Dec. 31.

My choice is to get coverage through the government health exchange and lose access to my cancer doctors, or pay much more for insurance outside the exchange (the quotes average 40% to 50% more) for the privilege of starting over with an unfamiliar insurance company and impaired benefits.             

Countless hours searching for non-exchange plans have uncovered nothing that compares well with my existing coverage. But the greatest source of frustration is Covered California, the state’s Affordable Care Act health-insurance exchange and, by some reports, one of the best such exchanges in the country. After four weeks of researching plans on the website, talking directly to government exchange counselors, insurance companies and medical providers, my insurance broker and I are as confused as ever. Time is running out and we still don’t have a clue how to best proceed.

Two things have been essential in my fight to survive stage-4 cancer. The first are doctors and health teams in California and Texas: at the medical center of the University of California, San Diego, and its Moores Cancer Center; Stanford University’s Cancer Institute; and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

The second element essential to my fight is a United Healthcare PPO (preferred provider organization) health-insurance policy.

Since March 2007 United Healthcare has paid $1.2 million to help keep me alive, and it has never once questioned any treatment or procedure recommended by my medical team. The company pays a fair price to the doctors and hospitals, on time, and is responsive to the emergency treatment requirements of late-stage cancer. Its caring people in the claims office have been readily available to talk to me and my providers.

But in January, United Healthcare sent me a letter announcing that they were pulling out of the individual California market. The company suggested I look to Covered California starting in October.

You would think it would be simple to find a health-exchange plan that allows me, living in San Diego, to continue to see my primary oncologist at Stanford University and my primary care doctors at the University of California, San Diego. Not so. UCSD has agreed to accept only one Covered California plan—a very restrictive Anthem EPO Plan. EPO stands for exclusive provider organization, which means the plan has a small network of doctors and facilities and no out-of-network coverage (as in a preferred-provider organization plan) except for emergencies. Stanford accepts an Anthem PPO plan but it is not available for purchase in San Diego (only Anthem HMO and EPO plans are available in San Diego).

So if I go with a health-exchange plan, I must choose between Stanford and UCSD. Stanford has kept me alive—but UCSD has provided emergency and local treatment support during wretched periods of this disease, and it is where my primary-care doctors are.

Before the Affordable Care Act, health-insurance policies could not be sold across state lines; now policies sold on the Affordable Care Act exchanges may not be offered across county lines.

What happened to the president’s promise, “You can keep your health plan”? Or to the promise that “You can keep your doctor”? Thanks to the law, I have been forced to give up a world-class health plan. The exchange would force me to give up a world-class physician.

For a cancer patient, medical coverage is a matter of life and death. Take away people’s ability to control their medical-coverage choices and they may die. I guess that’s a highly effective way to control medical costs. Perhaps that’s the point.

I applaud Ms. Sunby’s courage and I sympathize with her situation.  In her condition, she should just have to worry about taking care of herself.  Undoubtedly, we will hear more and more of these horror stories as Obamacare kicks in and the government begins issuing expiration dates for her citizens.

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