"God put me on Earth to eradicate cancer and liberalism.
I'm starting with liberalism."

A Cold Wind Blows

cold wind

A cold wind blows across the land
Chills the body, heart and soul
A reminder to all who feel it’s wrath
That fate has a heart black as coal
Into minds that long for settled being
Creeping doubts about tomorrow
Agonizing a cruel and twisted fate
Leaving mortal beings nowhere to go

Darkened skies of doom forboding
Wash across the oft battered heart
Tidal waves that engulf completely
And dash all hope for a new start

A cold wind blows across the land
Chills the body, heart and soul
That leads us unimaginable fate
Mortal bodies rendered still and cold

Somewhere a Child


Steven H Ahle

Somewhere a child lays dreaming
Carrying all the hopes of the world
To cure all ills and make the peace
Holster guns and sheath the sword

Somewhere a child lays dreaming
Choas calmed and disorder sorted
And each of us must hope and pray
This wondrous child is not aborted




Choas rampant across the earth
Planet engulfed by Satan’s flame
Grim people helplessly watching
A frenzied beast no man can tame

Men and women in mad scramble
An attempt to evade hell’s rampage

A tragedy of monumental proportions

Played out on this mortal stage
Brave are conquered and curs retreat
The hands of time cannot rewind
Not even God may stop this carnage
For you see it’s only in my mind



My heart swells with emotion
And clouded is my mind
When no one seems to listen
I whisper to the wind

While life about me crumbles
And peace I no longer find
And old friends desert me
I whisper to the wind

With no one to support me
On those my hope I pinned
I search  but find naught
So I whisper to the wind

The Journey’s End



Procession in silent somber passing
Guided by the dark demon horses
To a place of final rest unencumbered
Free from woe and earthly curses

Beyond to shallow hallowed ground
To sleep the sleep of eternal rest
To risk damnation and redemption
All earthly tasks put to the test

And now the final chapter written
As the pen falls slowly to the floor
Mourners bittersweet memories
And I who was will be no more

Death of Dream


The gloom of night falls all around

And the night air fills with scream
And many from afar are gathered
To bear witness to the Death of Dream

Young boys unaware sit and wonder
While young men plot and scheme
And old men are left to ponder
When was the Death of Dream

The world was filled with wonder
With promise abundant so it seemed
Reality sets in so harshly
And heralds the Death of Dream

Her dark hair was long and flowing
Her skin the color of cream
The love in her heart caressed me
Foretold not the Death of Dream

Memories flood my inner soul
Rushing madly like a stream
My longing cries out forever
Bittersweet is the Death of Dream

The gloom of night falls all around
And the night air fills with scream
Dark angels horns are blowing
And announce the Death of Dream

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