Reports Say Chelsea Clinton is as Big a B*^#h as Hillary


Believe it or not, reports are that Chelsea Clinton is a b*^#h just like her momma.  Some say she could be worse.  This comes as no surprise to those who have worked with her or at least tried to.  They say she was unpleasant and unapproachable and no one cared to work with her.

From there, she went to NBC, where she acted more like Queen Victoria than a failed news person.  (Which is what she was.  She was paid 600k to get zero ratings)  She refused to talk to anyone but producers.  If you had anything to say to her, you had to go to a producer and tell him or her to tell Chelsea.  In television, where all show employees are treated like family, this must have been like an extended visit by your crazy Aunt Sophie.

Evidently, she saved the best for last and when she became vice chairman of the board to the Clinton Foundation, she started an exodus towards the door.  Former co workers at the Clinton Foundation found her impossible to work with.  Never before had so many people fought to leave one place at one time since Moses parted the Red Sea.  Even getting dismissed was changed forever.  Instead of saying someone was fired, it’s said that someone has been evicted from Hell.000000

Boehner Being in Charge of the House Worst Move Since Judas was Named to Host the Resurrection


The one on the right is the GOP leadership in congress

John Boehner needs to go.  Not only from his leadership position but from the House entirely.  (Although I would prefer he move out of the country.  My suggestion is that he move to France with all the other p&##*^s)  Boehner has agreed to pass a clean DHS funding bill.  That means his “unshakable stance’ was nothing more than window dressing to cover his cowardice.  The damage Obama, POS and Chief will inflict on this country will be irreversible and will relegate the republican party to the scrapheap along with cyclamates, 8-track stereos and arugula flavored edible underwear.

I now prefer the democratic party over the republican party because at least the liberals stab you in the chest.  I just sent a message to the GOP on Facebook, calling them scumbags and suggesting they go f^#* themselves.  It’s time for us to face facts, we do not have a party.  There is the liberal party and the liberal light party.  The democrats have spine and chutzpah but it would not do them any good if republicans had a spine and cojones, which they don’t.

What difference does it make who we elect for president with these curs in the congress?  He would have to fight both parties to pass meaningful legislation.

I have to cut this short as many of you know, I have an extremely bad heart and I am getting physically ill from the stress.

Happy Birthday, President Reagan……A Tribute to an American Hero


Friday February 6th is the 104th anniversary of Ronald Reagan, one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen.  When he took office, not only was the economy in a mess, but the morale in the country resided in the basement.  From “Morning in America” to the “Shining City on the Hill”, President Reagan not only cured what ailed our economy, he picked up an entire nation on his back and he carried us to a higher plane and planted our feet firmly on the ground.

Many made jokes about how a B movie star became president, but in reality, it was a major asset.  President Reagan had a congress in which both the Senate and the House of Representatives were firmly in the control of Democrats.  But Mr Reagan had the unique ability to go on TV to explain what he was trying to accomplish and he did it in such a manner that any ordinary citizen could understand.  He spoke to us and not at us.  He used the pronouns we and us and ours.  Not me, mine, my and I, like someone else we know.

People felt as if President Reagan was one of us, working hard everyday , facing the difficulties thrown at us from the Carter administration.  He took us from hopeless to hopeful and I really don’t know when that transition was made.  His eternal optimism was contagious.  We could do anything because Reagan told us we could.  He never blamed Carter for the troubles of the nation and he never complained that the Democrats were obstructionists.

He rolled up his sleeves and went to work.  When it came time to run for reelection, a grateful America rewarded his service by nearly making him the first president since Washington to win the support of every state and a sweep of the electoral college.  He won 525 to 13.  Mondale only carried his home stste of Minnesota, but he won by a mere 4,000 votes out of over 2 million ballots that were cast.

Today, we face many of the same challenges we had in 1980 when President Reagan won his first term.  But we also face the danger of radical Islamists that the current president refuses to admit even exists.  There’s no Ronald Reagan out there.  At the present time, I see four viable candidates.  Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Ben Carson and Rick Perry.  But none can live up to the Reagan legacy but then again, who could?  But still, they all would serve with distinction.

Happy Birthday, President Reagan……America Misses You.