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OUTRAGE!!! Mayor de Blasio Blasts New York City Cops


The voters of New York City got just what they voted for, a freaking idiot not fit to shine the shoes of even one New York City police officer.  There has long been tension between the police and de Blasio who hates their guts.  When two NYC detectives were attacked by protesters, de Blasio called it an “alleged” attack.  One of the detectives had an alleged broken nose.  As several police officers pointed out that while de Blasio was making nice with the protesters and ripping the police department, he never once called any situation involving police as “alleged”.

After the two officers were ambushed and killed them, the police ire of de Blasio’s siding with the protesters, left the police with a bad taste in their mouths and to protest de Blasio’s stance, they turned their back on him as he entered the room for a press conference.  His office’s response in incredulous:

“It’s unfortunate that in a time of great tragedy, some would resort to irresponsible, overheated rhetoric that angers and divides people.”

Oh de Blasio, you mean like meeting with the protesters and telling them how bad the NYC police are as they shout:

“What do we want?  Dead cops.”

“When do we want them?  We want them now.”

No, it’s not.  He meant the police who go out among the protesters and get attacked.  Why doesn’t he go out and get his nose broken and see if it’s alleged?

It reminds me of former Mayor David Dinkins.  (I lived in the NYC Metro area for almost 30 years)  Besides ordering the airports not to allow air traffic over the US Open, he also apologized to the family of a drug dealer who lost his life while resisting the police.  He even used city money to pay for his funeral and settled with the family even though the police had only acted in self defense.  He lost reelection to Rudy Giuliani.

Mayor de Blasio’s bodyguards are NYC police officers.  He’d better hope that no mentally ill person decides to go after him.  It’s hard to stop when your back is turned.


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