NFL Final Report: Patriot Balls Intentionally Deflated: Brady and 2 Others Knew


The NFL obviously tired of being slandered by those who said there was no intentional deflating of balls released the final report.  According to their findings, two locker room employees and Tom Brady were the only ones in the Patriot organization who were aware of the cheating.  An email between the two mentioned the request by Brady that the balls be deflated below the  12.5 pounds as required by the NFL.  The Colts balls were  all inflated above the 12.5 PSI requirement.  All eleven of the Patriots’ balls were under inflated.

Theodore V. Wells, Jr was hired to investigate the charges made by the Colts, assisted by the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.  NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Pash represented the league.  The report concluded that  Jim McNally , the Officials Locker Room attendant and John Jastremski, an asst equipment manager for the Patriots deliberated let air out of the balls in order to make them easier for QB Tom Brady to throw.  The report also concluded that it was more likely than not that Brady himself was aware of the rule infraction.

The Patriots also tried to put a nonapproved kicking ball in the game that did not bear the mark of the officials, that act was deemed as accidental and no intentional effort to break the rules occurred.

Another never before known fact was that the Colts notified the officials BEFORE the game that to watch for under inflated balls after being tipped off that the Patriots had done this before.  During the second quarter, a Colt player intercepted a pass and took the ball to the sideline to be checked.  After determining the ball was under inflated, the Colts once again informed the officials of rules violations.  Originally reports were that 11 of the 12 Patriot footballs tested under 12.5 PSI.  That was not the case.  The twelfth ball was not tested because the Colts had had possession of that ball and may have let air out during testing.

At halftime a league official decided to test the balls.  All of the Colt’s balls were within legal limits and none of the Patriot’s balls were, destroying the myth that it was the temperature that affected the balls.  The balls were tested using separate gauges, with all of the gauges reaching the same results.   See measurement charts here (Page 8)  During halftime, the balls were re-inflated to their proper measurements.  Later, scientific tests on the balls confirmed that weather conditions were not responsible.

Communications between McNally and Jastremski discussed the deflation of the balls and the request by McNally for cash and sneakers for his involvement.  Jastremski wrote to McNally that he would provide him with a needle to deflate the balls.

From the NFL report:

The confluence of communications and events considered included:

 The text messages between McNally and Jastremski discussing:

 The inflation level of Patriots footballs and McNally‟s impact on the inflation level of the balls (“im going make that next ball a fuckin balloon”; “Make sure you blow up the ball to look like a rugby ball so tom can get used to it before Sunday”; “16 is nothing…wait till next sunday”);

 Jastremski‟s plan to provide McNally with a “needle” for use by McNally (“Can‟t wait to give you your needle this week :)”; “Fuck tom….make sure the pump is attached to the needle…..fuckin watermelons coming”);

 McNally‟s request that the “needle” be surrounded by cash and new sneakers and other items of value to be received by McNally (“Better be surrounded by cash and newkicks….or its a rugby sunday”; “Maybe u will have some nice size 11s in ur locker”; “Remember to put a couple sweet pig skins ready for tom to sign”; “U got it kid…big autograph day for you”; “Nice throw some kicks in and make it real special”);

 McNally‟s references to Brady as the catalyst for Jastremski‟s offers of sneakers and clothing (“Tom must really be working your balls hard this week”; “Tom must really be on you”); and 15

 That game balls for a Sunday game would not be deflated because of anger at Brady (“The only thing deflating his passing rating”).

 Text messages most plausibly read as describing a conversation between Jastremski and Brady during which Brady mentioned McNally and said that McNally must have “a lot of stress” trying to get the footballs “done” (“Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done…”).

 Text messages from McNally referring to himself as the “deflator” and suggesting that he might contact the media (“jimmy needs some kicks….lets make a deal…..come on help the deflator”; “Chill buddy im just fuckin with you ….im not going to espn……..yet”).

 McNally‟s knowledge that Brady prefers footballs inflated at the low end of the permissible range and his express request that the referee set the balls at a 12.5 psi level.

 Referee Walt Anderson‟s inability to locate the game balls at the start of the game (for the first time in nineteen years) and the breach in standard pre-game procedure when McNally removed the game balls from the Officials Locker Room without the permission of the referee or other game officials.

 McNally bringing the game balls into the bathroom during his walk from the Officials Locker Room to the field, locking the door and remaining inside the bathroom with the game balls for approximately one minute and forty seconds, an amount of time sufficient to deflate thirteen footballs using a needle.

 McNally‟s failure to mention taking the balls into the bathroom in his initial interview with NFL Security and his subsequent varying explanations for the bathroom stop and decision not to utilize readily available bathroom facilities in the Officials Locker Room and the adjacent Chain Gang Room.

 McNally‟s receipt on January 10, 2015, in the Patriots equipment room with both Brady and Jastremski present, of two footballs autographed by Brady and Brady‟s autograph on a game-worn jersey, and Jastremski‟s receipt earlier in the season of a particularly valuable autograph from Brady.

 The timing and frequency of the telephone communications between Jastremski and McNally, as well as Jastremski and Brady, immediately after suspicions of ball tampering were raised by NFL Security and in media reports.

The plot was among a very small group of Patriot employees (3) , so that much isw good for the team and it’s coach.



So, to all you Patriot fans that called me a liar, all I have to say is, “Na na na na na.”