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Sen Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges


NJ Senator Bob Menendez has been indicted on 14 counts of corruption by a grand jury in New Jersey.  The charges revolve around his relationship with Dr Soloman Melgen , who was indicted on 13 charges.  Menendez and Melgen would often fly off to the Caribbean together on Melgen’s private plane.  Twice, Menendez was given the jet by Melgen to fly down by himself.  After it was discovered, Menendez was forced to reimburse Melgen $60,000 for the flights.

When Melgen was accused of over billing for Medicare.  Menendez intervened and tried to get the charges dropped.  Menendez also tried to help Melgen get the contract for security for the port in the Dominican Republic.  With today’s announcement, the DOJ did not give specifics on what the 14 counts were for other than to say 8 counts were for bribery, 3 were for honest services fraud, 1 count of conspiracy and one count for violating the Travel Act for both Menendez and Melgen.  Menendez was also indicted on one count of lying to investigators.

The DOJ sat on the charges for over two years and why they are being made now raises questions.  Were the charges brought because Menendez very loudly criticized the naked emperor on both Cuba and Iran.  They cared less about the charges until that happened and within a month he’s under indictment.  Menendez denies all charges and spent the past two weeks trying to convince the DOJ not to bring charges against him.  Menendez has sworn that he will not resign during the trial.

This creates two interesting scenarios.  First, as the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he has been able to voice his displeasure at Obama’s policies on Cuba and Iran.  This at the same time that most democrats are avoiding critical comment on Obama’s handling of the two situations.  (Maybe they don’t want the DOJ to charge them)  I look for Reid to remove menendez from his chairmanship to provide cover for Obama.

The second item is the confirmation of Loretta Lynch.  Since the DOJ is prosecuting Menendez, it would be conflict of interest for him to vote on her confirmation.  Since it was announced that he was to be indicted, Menendez has been coy about which way he would vote.  He was probably hoping it might give Obama and Holder pause to prosecute him, but Obama’s ego was always going to take precedent.

Obama had better hope Menendez doesn’t have any dirt on him.

EXPLOSIVE!!! DHS Keeps a List of Terrorists on a “Hands Off List”

hands off

After sifting through emails that have been dumped on congress (all except the pertinent ones) Sen Grassley discovered that the DHS operates a "Hands Off List."  This list is made up of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers that are to be left alone … [Continue reading]

Brooklyn Clinic Now Offers Simulated Abortions for Gay Men


This is not an April Fool's joke.  An elite abortion clinic in Brooklyn is now offering simulated abortions for gay men who feel left out because they don't get to murder innocent babies.  It began after a gay tech millionaire contributed to … [Continue reading]

Black Leader Tells Blacks to Carry Guns to Protect Themselves From Police

Rev. Sam Mosteller, the president of the Georgia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference a press conference this week that nonviolence isn't working and it's time for blacks to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights.  The … [Continue reading]

Barack Obama and Jeh Johnson Punishing ICE Workers Who Follow the Law…Multiple Lawsuits Pending


Jeff Sessions has sent a letter to Jeh Johnson in order to get disciplinary reports on ICE and other immigration employees who have been punished for following the law instead of Obama's directives.  It is illegal for any employer to force an … [Continue reading]

Harry Reid Has No Regrets About Lying About Romney’s Taxes: “It Worked”


Harry Reid says he has no regrets about lying in reference to Mitt Romney's taxes.  Most of you remember that back on July 31st, 2012, Harry Reid told the Huffington Post: Reid claims an anonymous source told him:  "Harry, he didn't pay any taxes … [Continue reading]

Trey Gowdy Gives Hillary Till May 1st to Appear Before His Committee

Trey_Gowdy_113th_Congress (1)

Frustrated by the ever corrupt Hillary Clinton, Trey Gowdy, chairman of the special Benghazi Committee has informed Hillary's attorney that she is to appear before his committee by May 1st.  Gowdy said the committee will make every allowance to … [Continue reading]

Is Marco Rubio Leaving the Senate?


There is a question over whether Marco Rubio plans to stay in the senate if his planned presidential campaign doesn't pan out.  Unless you live in Florida, you probably haven't heard of Jeff Atwater, but it appears that he will be running for Rubio's … [Continue reading]

Tolerant Liberal Black NYC Councilwoman Wants to Segregate Asians


I am not making this up and the story does not come from the Onion or Before Its News.  A black New York councilwoman, Democrat Laurie Cumbo, is upset because she says blocs of Asians are moving into the Fort Greene housing project.  The complex is … [Continue reading]

Obama Signs an Agreement with Mexico, Ecuador and The Philippines to Teach Immigrants How to Form Unions


One thing you can say about Obama and that's he's an honest politician.  When he's bought, he stays bought.  After raking in at least 800 million from unions in his two campaigns (about 40% of his total contributions) Obama has been working … [Continue reading]

An Economist From the U.S. Department of Labor Claims She was Hacked Just Like Anthony Weiner


An economist with the US Department of Labor sent out a tweet calling Christians and the people the elect Nazis.  When the walls came tumbling down, she did what any blue blooded liberal would do.  She lied.  Using the Anthony Weiner defense, and … [Continue reading]

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